Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my free purse!

i've really been living cheap frugally lately.  i've been cooking at home, using what's in the pantry & freezer, stretching meals, making meals that can be frozen.  i NEVER shop - i think i'm the only woman in the world that hates to shop!!  i try to make everything i need, whether it's for myself or gifts.  i did a whole house makeover with one gallon of free to me paint! i make do with what i've got.  and i'm happy with that.  doesn't mean that sometimes i still don't want something.  but even with all this frugal living, there's no extra $$.  so like Paul, "i'm content with & content without."

burlap is really popular in decorating these days.  it's been in the back of my mind that i wanted a burlap purse.  but i'm not gonna spend $40 or 50 or more for one.

it's so neat how God provides not only our needs but He throws in a few wants every now & then!!!

one of the guys at work got a package delivered to my office from a vendor.  he came in to the office yesterday & i gave it to him.  he opened it in my office & it was a burlap bag with a cosmetic bag with lotions.  he said, "what the heck am i going to do with a PURSE?!  i don't want this PURSE!!!"  i said, "ohmygosh - i love it!!!"  he said, "do you want it?"  i said, "YOUBETCHA!!!!!"    the wheels were already turning in my head how i would "redecorate" this plain bag with the vendor logo on the front & make it my new burlap purse!!!!

so here's the before:
nice big bag, ugly logo (well, not really ugly, just not what i'd want)
nice cosmetic bag, attached to inside with a cord so it doesn't get lost.

here's the after:
 front - i had this upholstery webbing & i hot glued it on the bag, attached a decorative stampin'up! brad,
 back - painted my favorite number & thought the word "cafe'" would make it look all burlap coffee sack-y & "cafe' 28" just sounds cool!!!!

 reinforced the inside pockets with some of the webbing - hold my cellphone holder really well now & doesn't mess up the pocket!  & attached a piece of webbing to the back of the cosmetic bag to tie it all together!

 i had made covers for the handles, but they made it all too bulky so i took them off.  it's much better without them, even though they did look nice!

so there's my FREE, stylin' burlap purse that didn't cost me a dime!!!!!  and i can carry EVERYTHING in it!!!!!

a few of the guys at work had seen the bag yesterday & they were pretty impressed with how it turned out!!!  the guys at my office are cool!!!

(& the lotions -- they were sunscreen & after sun lotion & a tube of lip balm-----just what i'll need for next summer!!!!!!!  God is sooooooooooo good!!!)

so how has God blessed YOU today?
how have YOU blessed others??

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Anonymous said...

I just love your creativity! It is beautiful!!
How has God blessed me today??
Just let me tell you that when I came home, my hubby had swept, mopped, mowed the lawn, took a shower, got very handsome, (more than usual), took me to the ophthalmologist, and to crown the night, took me out for dinner. What else can you ask for????? Betty

Anonymous said...

I had to refresh several times to get the pics to show (probably MY machine) and was WORTH IT!!!! You are so clever! I think you definately improved the bag--you have the touch :-) Nancy