Sunday, November 20, 2011

a beautiful day in the virgin islands!

the time is wrong - it was about 4:30 pm when this picture was taken

today was beautiful!  i came home from church, put on my swimming suit & took a 2 hour nap in the virgin islands!!  the sun was hot, the sky was blue, with not a cloud.  then i woke up to these:  how beautiful!!!!!

such a perfect afternoon!!

then i raked the pine needles from the front yard & fertilized both the front & back yards. 

i've got blue bonnets LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!  the little plants came up a lot earlier this year than usual.  i hope that doesn't mean they're gonna die & not be good come next spring.  they've been up since early october.  they usually don't pop up til late november, early december.  and there's more this year than most!!!!   next spring IS gonna be beautiful!!!!!!!!!

 i've got to stain the brick on the back of the house!!!

 they look so happy - living in the cracks!!!!

well, i promised you bathroom pictures, so here they are!!!!

suzanne's bathroom:

 i love old fashioned glass knobs.  these are just like the kitchen, but a little more clear & they don't have the metal sunburst piece in the center.

 this is the one i put on the medicine cabinets.  it looks like it's lit up, but it's not!!!!

 my bathroom:

 that basket's probably gonna find itself painted one day!!!
(but not black!!!!)

 i just love those knobs!!!! --- have a said that yet???!!!!

these 2 shelves are going to be painted one day too. 

oh- so much to do!!!!

but what a blessing to do nothing in the virgin islands today!!!!
have a blessed week!!

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