Wednesday, November 3, 2010

name frame stamp camp this sunday!!!

hey everybody!  put your frames, adhesives, papers, etc IN YOUR CAR RIGHT NOW so you won't forget everything for sunday's stamp camp!!!!!!

(if you're doing an 8x20 frame, you'll need 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper for the background!)

SEE YOU SUNDAY @ 2pm - we're not swapping this time.  please RSVP just to give me an up-to-date head count on who's coming......i'll need to round up some chairs 'cuz we're gonna SIT for this stamp camp!!!

here are a couple of my favorite fall cards.............i love leaves!!!

have a blessed day - dontcha just love this cold weather?!?!


Renee said...

I'll be there!

Sandy said...

I'll b e there, too.

MeauxMo said...

in! and Mechele Rezac, a friend from HS is supposed to be coming, too! I'll link her so she can RSVP for herself :)

Can't wait to see ya'!