Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i need to get back in the swing of things regarding blogging!

since i had the flu, i haven't been able to get all the things done that i'd like to do....especially keeping up with this blog.  i don't know how some of "those ladies" out there do it----they stamp, scrapbook, do 150 other things AND have time to blog about it!!!   oh well, i'm not trying to keep up with them.  i'm doing this to share some of the neat things we do in stamp camp or i do myself.  sure, i'd like you to check it out everyday because you never know when it'll be updated, but i don't promise to update it every day  - as much as i'd like to, sometimes it's just not feasible!  and i'm not going to stress over it, because then it won't be fun for any of us!  so you just check back in whenever you want & some days you'll be surprised with a new post!!!!

SU!'s having a huge sale - go to their website & check it out.  i've placed our nov. stamp camp order, so if you want any of the sale items, you can order them yourself online.   i don't have a demo website right now, so to order you'll have to select me as your demo & place the order.  there are some really neat items on sale!  my digital studio is 1/2 price!!!!   it's really neat & not just for scrapbooking - it can do lots of stuff!!!

i got a huge surprise last night----suzanne was supposed to come home for thanksgiving on wednesday evening, but she arrived last night!!!   she's spent most of the time with benita, but that's ok---it's nice having her "home".  i'm sure we'll get some time together sometime!

i was going to add some pictures, but "it's" not letting me right now............i hate technology!!! 

i'll be cooking tomorrow night, so not sure i'll be back on here before thanksgiving.  have a blessed one!!!

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