Monday, November 29, 2010

december 12 stamp camp

don't forget to rsvp for the december 12 stamp camp.  the theme is "simple cards" - we'll be doing some simple christmas cards & some other simple cards & items!  the swap is  also "simple cards" & the swap number is 10.  there will be a special gift for all who attend, so be sure to rsvp so that i have enough gifts for everyone!

wasn't able to post pictures to my blog last week - hopefully all's working now..............

over the weekend i made some gifts for suzanne & her sorority big & twin sister.......made them some cute peacock cards (but forgot to take a picture of the cards!!!  you can see the peacocks on the box lids below), and made a decorated box to store cards in & i found some peacock ornaments at hobby lobby! (forgot to take pic of those too!)  here are the boxes:

after i took the picture of emily's box, i noticed that the i's dot was all wonky, so i fixed it but didn't retake the picture!

thanksgiving was nice - i loved having suzanne home & it was real hard to see her go this time.  you'd think it'd get easier..........wrong!   christmas is going to be hard......

speaking of which, i think i'll get the stuff out & decorate--we didn't get a chance to do it this weekend.

see y'all at stamp camp soon!

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Bernadette said...

I am attending and swapping... i was making my "simple cards" for the swap and i ran out of adhesive!! and of course I now live where there isn't a Hobby Lobby or Michael's near me!! I do work by one though! :)