Friday, September 26, 2014

3 weeks to make a habit

they say it takes 3 weeks of doing something to make it a habit.

well, i've got 2 habits!

for 8 weeks i've been "gluten free/on a paleo eating lifestyle" and for 3 weeks i've been waking up at 4:10 am & walking @ memorial park with s & f. we go every day, monday - friday while sam does boot camp. i've only missed 1 day because i had to go to a training class for work. (made up for it by walking at night) f has missed only 1 day (today) AND he used to wear his work clothes (white shirt, dress pants & dress shoes!!!) the 1st few weeks he walked with susan when sam started the bootcamp. the 1st day i walked with them he wore a t-shirt, dress pants & dress shoes. the 2nd day he wore a t-shirt, dress pants & tennis shoes!!!! s was shocked!!! she said "i've been trying to get you to dress appropriately for weeks & just after 1 day of walking with her, you wear tennis shoes???" his response was, "the faster you women talk, the faster you walk, so if i'm gonna keep up with you, i need better shoes"!!!!!! he has since bought a new pair of walking shoes!!!!!!

we even walked last friday when it was raining & flooding all over town. the seals were still doing boot camp, so we still walked!! the park was flooded in some areas & we only saw 2 other walkers/joggers, but WE DID it!!!! and we did our usual 3 miles!!!!

pray for s - she's missed 2 days now. she's really sick. this week allergies started getting the best of her. monday & tuesday she was very congested. when i showed up at her house wednesday morning, the whole house was dark. no one was awake yet! however, geronimo & i were all perky!!! we woke them up & waited a few minutes for susan to throw some clothes & shoes on. we did our 3 miles in the neighborhood that morning & when she didn't show up for church that evening, i knew she was sick. yesterday morning she called & said she wasn't going to be able to go, but would i go & walk with f while sam did his thing & then bring sam home so f could go on to work as usual. well, i said, "if you don't mind me walking with your husband...." she said we'd be fine. foster & i walked our usual 3 miles, we started at the usual time of 5:30 but we finished 13 minutes early!!!!!! when we got back to the starting point, he said, "wow, we're 13 minutes early." i looked at my phone & sure enough, it was only 6:17!!!! so we walked around the parking lot, down the road to the gate, etc. it was funny because we both said at the same time, "well, i guess it's SUSAN who's holding us back!!!" Not really, susan!! we just didn't want you to think we were slackers!!!!!!!!

on the way home sam sat in the front seat -- he normally sits in the back with geronimo. well, geronimo didn't like that!!! he wanted to sit with "his boy"--- we had a hard time keeping him in the back -- in fact, he sat most of the way right up front with us, sitting on the console!!!! at one point he even climbed into sam's lap & just sat!!!!!! that's a BIG dog to have sitting on your lap!!!!!

this morning s called to say the whole family was sick-- all of them! i was already ready to go & geronimo was too --- that dog can tell time!!!! he wouldn't stop barking til i went out to get him! when i let him in the house, he's learned that rather than running all over like a pinball, he makes a beeline for the garage door (which i leave open) & he sits next to the car, staring at the door as if to say, "open, open, open"!!!!!

so today geronimo & i walked around my neighborhood with kenny chesney!!!! we walked 3.25 miles - if i hadn't have had to go to work, i would have walked more!!!!! dang work!!!!

i have a lot more energy at work & the days have been flying, even though i'm super busy (there's a stack of stuff i haven't even touched yet -- don't tell my boss that though!!!) and i've been staying at the office til 6pm or after. i've had a lot of stress in my shoulders & back. i need someone to give me a good backrub! tonight i got home at about 7:10 -- i did some weights & as soon as i'm done with this post, i'm going to bed. have to get up early tomorrow for stamping workshop at church. never a day to sleep in!!!! i have a plan for my evenings - they've been a little wasted lately & it's bugging me.

part of that frustrating involves neglecting my blog. i've done a lot this summer but just haven't had time to blog it. i also haven't had a chance to read as many blogs as i'd like. after you read someone's blog for a while, you begin to look at them as your "friend". there are some "friends" i haven't "seen" in a long time. part of that is i haven't been reading, but there are some bloggers that haven't been posting as much lately either. wonder if they're like me & just too busy to post, or if some of them have just dropped off the blogosphere......????? it's funny how things go in cycles.

but one thing's for sure-- this "healthy living style" of mine isn't a cycle -- it's a HABIT!!!!!!!

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