Saturday, June 7, 2014

more about mustaches

it's no secret that i love mustaches.

this is my favorite mustache:

a few weeks ago a friend at church left a gift for me -- mustache napkins!!!! thanks, lorraine!!!

the other day another friend gave me a present -- mustache napkins!!!!

she also gave me some mustache pushpins for my mustache corkboard!

another friend texted me & said half price books has mustache pushpins & magnets!!!! those are the same pushpins laurie gave me!!! she also made me mustache magnets!

lorraine also gave me a mustache recipe holder --- it's hanging on one of my kitchen cabinets & i used it the other day when i was making a texas sheetcake for work. she wrote "love, sam" on it!!!
(that's my mom's recipe card for texas sheet cake -- i love that card!! and the cake is really super good!!)

my secret sister at church gave me a mustache card for my birthday -- it's so cute!!!!

i found a huge mustache magnet at hobby lobby!!!!! i put it on my fridge!!!!

last sunday in church this guy with a mustache sat next to me. there were plenty of seats available & mustache man had to sit next to me. his mustache was pretty cute, but HE HAD A WEDDING RING ON. WHY?????? why did you have to sit next to me, mr. married mustache man? where's your wife? why hasn't she come to church with you - i've seen you at church several weeks now but you always come alone. if you're really married, PLEASE DON'T SIT NEXT TO ME MR. MUSTACHE MAN!!!!!!

tomorrow is sunday -- we'll see if i sit alone or with a mustache man!!!

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