Sunday, June 1, 2014

it's june already

can you believe it???? didn't we just have christmas?! i was in hobby lobby last week & they already have christmas decorating stuff out!!! ridiculous!!!!! in MAY???????? retail keeps pushing it earlier & earlier. pretty soon it'll be out all year long!!! i love christmas & i craft for christmas, but i don't want to do it or see it in MAY!!!!

i went to wimberley over memorial day weekend. it ALWAYS rains in texas on memorial day. right on schedule this year!!!! we had a good time despite the rain. we went to "my yellow house on the hill". it doesn't appear that they've done any work on it since i was there in december. this time i went with gary & cindy & we checked out the WHOLE house -- all 4 floors!!!! there's living area on the "ground" level & 2nd floor & then there's an attic that's completely floored & below ground level is what appears to be a media room, bathroom & multi-car garage. there's a huge pile of reclaimed wood sitting outside by the garage doors. if they use that wood for floors, it's going to be gorgeous! i wonder what the story is on this house. i'm going to go see it every time i go to wimberly to see if it's progressing or not. (i forgot to take my camera with me though - dang it!!!!)

i came home tuesday morning. left there at 8:20 am & got home at 1:30 pm. a trip that normally takes 2.5 hours took 5 hours!!!!! sometimes the rain was so bad that you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you!

going to work wednesday took over an hour because of flooded streets.

i made the most fantastic meatloaf the other night!!!!!! i used to cook pretty good but since everyone's gone these last few years i haven't cooked much & sorta forgot how to do it!! since i've had TV again after many years, i've been watching cooking shows like the pioneer woman, trisha yearwood, etc. the pioneer woman is an old friend of mine -- seriously!!! i read her blog way before she was famous!!!!!!!!!!!!

on one episode of her cooking show she made bacon-wrapped meatloaf. i changed up the recipe she used a little bit & it turned out so good!!!

i baked it on the broiler pan so it didn't sit in grease. there's nothing more gross than greasy meat!!! but where was pioneer woman when it was time to clean up the broiler pan?!?!?!!! some friend she is!!!

come back, amanwithacircularsaw.....i can cook!!!!!

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