Wednesday, October 16, 2013

random musings over the last few weeks

i just haven't felt like i've had anything to say lately.

been busy -- with WHAT, i don't know!!!! mostly work. been working some late hours & then when i get home, i don't want to do anything.

"worked" a golf tournament last thursday. it was a beautiful day to be outside!!!! i learned how to drive a golf cart!!!!!!! i was scared to death -- me, who's not afraid of power tools & saws & can drive a "stick" -- afraid i'd tip it over, run in the lake, drive off a cliff!!!!!

i MADE one of the guys i work with pick me up at the clubhouse & drive me to the 13th hole where we were. and when i had to make a picture run to walgreens, i MADE him drive me back to the parking lot & pick me up when i got back. the next run i drove. what a silly person i am!!!! how EASY!!!!! i had such fun driving it -- i can drive with 1 hand, i can drive drinking a bottle of water, i can drive with my boss in the cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (almost lost him once when we hit a bump -- not really!!!!!!)

i had such fun driving the golf cart that i just might get a job driving golf carts when i get older!!!!!!!!!!!

i've been wasting too much time on pinterest lately. my "virtual" life. where everything is beautiful & perfect!

sunday morning while cooking sweet potato cassarole for potluck at church, my oven decided to stop working. i NEVER use my over but now that it's not working, i can think of 100's of things to bake in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "ain't that always the way it goes"!!!!!

there are millions of yummy looking things on pinterest -- i never much looked at the food on there since i'm not really "into" cooking, but now that the oven is broken, i've been looking at the food!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't have the money to get the oven fixed right now, so that's a good diet tactic!!!!!!!! however, HOW is it POSSIBLE to gain weight just by LOOKING at pictures on pinterest?????????????????????????????

a few weeks ago i reinforced geronimo's pallet house. wouldn't ya know it -- that stinker has already dismantled part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just HAS to have something to do during the day while i'm at work! wish he could put his strength & brains to work doing something PRODUCTIVE around here rather than destroying EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

my best friend's son is getting married in 2 weeks. had a shower for his bride to be saturday at a little tea room in spring. i've known colin since he was 4. doesn't seem possible that he's old enough to get married!!!

wish i was old enough to get married..............some days i think i'm too old.

friday as i was leaving the office one of the guys asked if i had plans for the weekend. i said "well, tonight's my "geriatric night" -- i'm going to the nursing home to see pa pa & grandma & then to a birthday party for a sweet little old lady from church who's turning 88 years old."

he said, "dorothy, don't take this the wrong way, but you need to get some friends your own age!"

boy is he right.

everyone i hang around with is either way older than me or way younger. either at the nursing home or in preschool sunday school. all the guys i work with are in their early 20's.

i don't think there's anyone left in the world that's my age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm tired of being the "3rd wheel" too.

and we all know from my experience with "" & "eharmony" that there's no one in a 500 mile radius OR THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD that is a match for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess i'll just go plan my pretend pinterest wedding

with my pretend boyfriend

build my pretend pinterest dream home --
front yard:
back yard:

& cook pretend pinterest dinners

or maybe i'll just get pretend pinterest drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nbprov32 said...

and you can pay for all that pintrest party wth Monopoly money... :-)

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