Thursday, October 17, 2013

it's friday eve!!!

mowing the grass by the light of the full moon was pretty cool!!!!

(with the flash)

(without the flash)
i did the backyard 1st tonight while it was still daylight. we've had a lot of rain this past week, but today was a sunny day & it dried up enough to mow. it really needed it too. by the time i started on the front it was just beginning to get dark & then it was almost like someone flipped the switch & turned out the light!!!!!

i'm pretty sure i did a good job

but we'll see in the morning how it REALLY looks!!!!

THIS is what happens to your yard when dishwashing liquid is spilled on it.

i'm a little irritated, but at least her car got clean. i've gotta do something with it this weekend. it went from a little splotch to a HUGE splotch! my beautiful, green grass -- survived the hot houston summer but not my daughter!!!!

now that the yard is mowed, the dog is walked & played with & fed, i'm making chili.

tomorrow "my boys" are coming over for dinner again. george & clint won't be here this time, but we'll have fun without them. (i didn't blog about it, but i posted on facebook 2 weeks ago when george strait, clint black & several others were here, in MY living room!!!)(not the REAL guys, but one of the guys in my office is a singer - he plays in clubs & can sing as good as any CW artist - maybe even better! and he doesn't just strum the guitar. he PLAYS it -- really really good!!! he was supposed to come tomorrow night, but he has to help his brother move --- poor excuse if you ask me!!!!! but the rest of the guys from my office will be here & well have fun.)

we'll have chili, grilled jalepeno poppers (made from scratch by one of the guys) & s'mores
-- hope the weather's as nice tomorrow night as it is now! who knows, maybe sam will show up!!!
well, i'm gonna go clean up the kitchen & get to bed.

when i wake up (several times during the night!) it will be FRIDAY!!!!!

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