Monday, December 6, 2010

it was the big one!!!

yes, today was my 2nd 25th birthday!!!!!  and it was a good one!!!  suzanne threw a surprise party for me with a few of my very special friends.  she drove back home just for the party & left this morning.  what a sweetheart!!  and this time she remembered to call me when she got back to dallas---only she called in the middle of church!!!!  i hurried & ran out of church to take her call (you never know if it's trouble or not when your kid calls!!) ----at least everyone knew our prayers had been answered & she was there safely!!!!!!!  good thing i sit near the back, but today i sat closer to the middle!!!!  well, it was good for a laugh after church!

back to the party----i am so blessed with such wonderful friends and i absolutely love having them here in my home.  we had so much fun.  and their gifts were perfect--i love them all!!!

this is from kevin, sarah, faith & jonathan--it will help me to remember to pray more

this journal & "stickles" are from sandy--my favorite color & i seem to love leaves & she knows that!! 
                                           cute inside.....

this is from judy--i LOVE these alphabet photography pictures!  i want to try one, but it's harder than it looks!!!  i need to practice looking at things...... 

this is from joyce & bruce--i hung it inside rather than outside so i could see it!!!!  it's sooooooooo cool & so "me" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

this was my present to me....   everytime i go to hobby lobby i look at this mirror.  it was on sale for  1/2 price & i thought it would be perfect in the dining room in the spot that used to hold suzanne's cactus picture.

 today after church i had lunch with judy & sandy & then came home & took a nap!!!   i wanted to do thank you cards - guess that's what i'll do tomorrow night!  tomorrow i'm having lunch with another friend - this has been a "friendly birthday"!!

don't forget - stamp camp is this coming sunday, dec. 12.  see y'all then!!!

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