Tuesday, December 7, 2010

baby, it's cold outside!!!!!

so what did i do all evening?.......i canned snowmen!!!!!!!  over 4 dozen of them!!!

yesterday at lunch judy, sandy & i were talking about collections.....i "collect" stars, antiques, mason jars, nativities, snowmen, buttons, wrought iron stuff, cows, willow tree angels, door knobs, & rubber stamps!!!!!!   what do YOU collect?  leave a comment in this post by friday, dec. 10 at 5pm & i'll do a random drawing & the winner will get something from one of my collections!!!!! 

don't forget stamp camp on sunday at 2pm - have a blessed week & stay warm!!


MeauxMo said...

My mom was pretty smart when she started my favorite collection... Santas! I have more than I can count off hand, but each Christmas, I pull them out and have the "I LOVE THIS ONE" feeling about 50 times... ornaments, to stand alones, to ceramics, blankets, knick knacks, etc... I'm always looking for unique and fun ones to add, too!

I also collect shot glasses, and have my friends pick one up for me when they go somewhere... I love to look at that and not just think of the places they came from, but for my friends who bless me by being a part of my life :)

I love your little snow men! such a cute cute cute idea!!!

Renee said...

And I collect Nutcrackers - my mom started that collection for me too! And I collect cookbooks too...

Bernadette said...

I collect Wine Corks! Since i started my Wine Shop at Home business, i've been inspired to do everything with wine corks!! (Wreaths, Garland, you name it!)

zusieq said...

Sea shells, crosses, books, music CDs. I have cut back on the cookbooks and all others. Down sizing is the game. :) You are so creative Dorothy!