Sunday, May 11, 2014

been busy!!!!

i know i've been gone for a long time --- people everywhere are asking me, "when are you gonna do another blog post?" well, at least i know i'm missed!!!!

i've been busy helping some friends get their house ready to sell. he got a job out of town & they're having to move. they hope to have the house fixed up & ready to put on the market by the end of the month. this has entailed fixing things, painting everything -- doors, woodwork trim, walls. moving & rearranging furniture & rooms, decluttering & depersonalizing (2 VERY hard things to grasp!!!!) we think we're about done with a long list of things & then we make another long list of things to still be done!!!!

one day it'll be all done though!!! and then life can get back to normal for everyone --- well, for me at least! their lives won't be back to normal until the house is sold & they're all settled in their "new" place!!

had some computer problems!!!! i HATE the new windows 8!!!!! can't find anything, can't do what i used to be able to do -- it's so confusing!!!!! i seriously think computer geeks change everything up just so we'll have to call them for problems & keep them in business!!! one day my NEW computer is working just fine & the next day it's all locked up & i can't do anything except look at a green screen. so i took it to best buy & they said it apparently locked up in the middle of an upgrade. "that happens a lot" -- not comforting words!!!!! they had to WIPE it all clean & i'm starting over from ground zero. i can't get back some of the stuff i had & i've tried to re-install OFFICE again, but it's not letting me. looks like i'm gonna have to make another trip to best buy because there's no phone # for office on the package or anywhere else on the stupid website. I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!

in the middle of all this, i've still managed to do a few projects back here at the ranch!!

i've been working on some things for our church's annual ladies' tea. don't have any pictures now, but i will soon.

our hose hangers on both the front & back of the house broke several years ago - actually a LONG time ago - & i finally got around to putting up new ones. here's the one i put on the back of the house:

yes - it's an old galvanized tub!!!!! i drilled some holes in the "side/bottom" so it can drain & i can store the sprinkler or hose nozzle in it.

for the front yard i couldn't go as "rustic", but i found the perfect hose hanger at lowe's:

it fits my texas star theme just perfect!!!! i wanted to put it on the front of the house so it could be seen better, but i don't think the HOA would want that so i put it on the side next to the faucet.

i've cleaned out some of the bluebonnets in the driveway & front yard & have a huge crop of black-eyed susan's growing now. there are so many of them & they're so big that they're blocking the walkway to the front door!!!!! i've had to stake them up & i even pulled out a bunch, but they're growing like crazy! i'll have to take some pictures & post them another day.

i've done another MAJOR project inside - but i'll tell you about it another time because it's late & i'm tired & i haven't been sleeping much lately & i WANT to go to bed now, so i'm gonna try to GO TO SLEEP.

see y'all soon!!!

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