Monday, July 15, 2013

vacation day project

it's my goal to go through the house one room at a time & get it super cleaned (ie moving stuff & getting all the hidden dust, etc.) i do this a couple times a year, the rest of the time it's just the usual dusting & sweeping & mopping. i also want to clean out some clutter, but when i get started the "clutter" is all "important stuff" that i still want!!!!!

saturday was a gorgeous sunny day so i worked out in the yard all day - mowed front & back, weeded flowerbeds, mulched. watered. played with the dog after he "helped" me weed!!! then i got cleaned up & went to dinner with some friends.

yesterday was literally a day of rest!!!! i was so sore all over - everything ached. after i got home from church i put on a movie & ended up watching 3 movies since it rained all afternoon!! (& none of them were sam elliott movies!!) and i napped. and then i went to bed!

today i had a vacation day & i tackled a few things that i've been wanting to do for some time. i really wanted to just lay out, but it was cloudy & rainy all day so i did inside stuff:

1. i painted the front door & redecorated the porch.
(just realized that i missed a section of the door when i did the polyurethane coat!!!)(just went out & did it, but i'm not taking another picture!!!!)

2. i took down the green drape in the living room, put up an old lace panel between the 2 cream panels, put up sun screen (but ran out, so i'll have to finish that project later), and then put up a barbed wire wreath!!!!

only a texascountrygirl can put barbed wire on her curtains & get away with it!!!!!!!

3. made a rusty barbed wire cross
took down a couple things & put the cross in their place.

4. dusted & washed all the dust off the stuff on the shelf between the living room & dining room. & swept cobwebs from the ceiling!!

don't know what i'll do tomorrow (2nd day of vacation), but i'm sure i'll be sore!!!! it's raining like crazy right now again & it's supposed to rain tomorrow. we haven't had any rain in so long -- we need it badly, but i wish we could spread it out a little over a period of days or weeks rather than all day long all at once like this!!!!!!

at least we're not having a drought like we did 2 years ago, so we're blessed!

oh!!! i DO know what i'm doing tomorrow -- i started another project tonight!!! i'll show you it tomorrow!!!!


nbprov32 said...

such an inspiration!! Dd you have to get HOA approval forthe door? You need to start sending pics to Texas Monthly!!! :-)

L.Wilson said...

new door looks great!