Sunday, April 7, 2013

need your vote

the "multi-person (you could fit 4 people on here!) whichever way the sun is shining pallet tanning bed lawnchair" is almost finished!!!!! i need to get some cushions for it (it was comfortable the other night watching the stars for 15 or 20 minutes, but this afternoon tanning for a couple hours, my butt was saying "i need a pillow!!!!" !!!!!

i absolutely love this thing!!!!!! now i just need to paint it.

i was thinking that i really liked the red chairs i saw online.

but then i really like white adirondack chairs, but the white might be too bright in the sun.

for some reason turquoise is sticking in my head!!! and i don't really super like turquoise - it's ok, it's my birthstone, so i guess i like it!!! i also thought lime green!! there are so many choices!!!!

maybe i could do multi or rainbow colored?!?!!

so i need your vote!

1. red
2. white
3. turquoise
4. lime green
5. some other color _____________________

what color would YOU choose?

(it might depend on what color the cushions are though!!!)

geronimo likes it too!!!!

i'm going to sell the 4 light blue plastic adirondack chairs -- i bought them 2 years ago for $16.97 each at lowes -- i'll sell all 4 for $20, as is....let me know if you're interested! (local only)


Stacey said...

Red or Rainbow :) I am partial to red.

L Wilson said...

#5 -I think you should leave them wood, stain them and seal them. Then make any color cushion you want. Make cushions that easily removeable so that you only bring them out when you are laying on them to keep them from getting rained on or being chewed to pieces.

Amy said...

There's always maroon. or if you prefer, burnt (gag, cough) orange.

Carole P said...

I like all the colors in the picture. I'd probably use the blue as the base color and then stencil a design using all the other colors in the picture. They look so good together!

JMeaux said...

OK - The practical side of me says paint it WHITE so that I could change colors by changing the cushions - it's hard to match colors as you know - I wouldn't want to be bothered w/matching - if it's white I can choose any cushion colors I want.... that's my opinion & I'm sticking to it!

JMeaux said...

I'd paint it white - easy to re-paint if needed, easy to match - then could go with whatever color or design that struck my fancy when shopping for the cushions. Matching colors is a real pain-in-the butt - especially if you know exactly what you want when you walk in the door. and you usually don't find it! That's my opinion & I'm stickin' to it ....